Channel Management

As a Service

Working with Channel Partners is a key for success and helps vendors to scale and grow.

Yet it is a complex environment and requires expertise, continuity and resources.

Different markets, different customer segments and different customer expectations require a clear definition of various partner profiles and a structured approach to onboarding and enablement of partners.

Hilt.Con helps you to define required channel processes and to grow your market potential.

Review & Definition of Channel Strategy
  • Channel Readiness Evaluation
  • Review & Optimization of Partner Landscape
  • Review of Distribution
  • Expansion into new territories, like Middle East or Eastern Europe
Partner processes & deliverables
  • Partner Portal
  • Deal Registration
  • Partner training
  • Incentives
  • Campaigns
Channel Management & Sales Support
  • Partner Onboarding
  • Business Planning
  • Sales Trainings
  • Partner Marketing Planning
  • Event Support
  • Forecasting

The Channel Management as a Service can be offered as Full-Time (exclusive) or Part-Time (shared) service and is offered in monthly packages.

We offer short term engagements to review and qualify existing programs and processes.

If your goal is to work on your channel strategy and build a successful channel, a realistic time to result is 6-12 months, therefore we recommend a minimum of a 6 months exclusive engagement.

Please note, that we plan with 2,5 days of PTO per month in a Full-Time offering.